I asked the question How To Remove Birthdays From Google Calendar when I found that Google, in their infinite wisdom, has screwed up every ones Google calendar, especially mine, by putting all the birthday's of all your contacts in your Google+ account as well as in your Gmail contact list.

What a mess it makes in your calendar. Every block of days is jam packed full of birthday's and makes it nearly impossible to see events you need to have visible.

Here is a video to show how I got rid of the notifications from one account before Google took away the option. I this helps you clean up your calendar by showing you how to remove birthdays from your Google calendar.

How to remove birthdays from Google calendar by Robert Dorsey

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Webmaster Tools Fetch as Google

by Robert Dorsey

Do you know how to use Webmaster Tools "Fetch as Google" for the purpose to indexing your blog post quickly?

The fetch as Google tool in Google Webmaster Tools is one of the first places Google will search for when doing it's indexing search for new content.

All you need to do is to have a Google Adwords account, sign in for a Google Webmaster Tool account and register your blog for it's service.

When I found out about this service and first started using it, I noticed my blog posts seemed to be getting indexed much faster.

There are several services and automatic pinging services with are used for the same puurpose to getting content indexed on the serps, but I since it is Google you want to get indexed with, it is only makes sense to use Google to impress Google.

In this video I show exactly how to use fetch as Googel inside the Google webmaster tools website.

How To Use Webmaster Tools Fetch as Google by Robert Dorsey


If you like this video and want to find more information like this, visit my website at http://robertdorsey.com


The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

what makes you happy


So what makes you happy? Often times we tell ourselves that we are happy, but are we really kidding ourselves? 

We know what will make us happy but often we never really find it. 

It is stated that happiness comes from within but we keep getting distracted by the outside things that override the things that are within, and then all the distractions from the outside world will keep us from that happiness we should be able to feel. 

You feel happy when you see a newborn baby, or see a child playing. But all too often that feeling of happiness is surrounded by a thin layer of concern and anxiety. 

Picture our world encircled by the thin layer of our atmosphere. From outer space one would see it as a ball floating in space. Far enough away you would not see the thin layer of an atmosphere, but it is still there. 

Happiness is like that, enshrouded by feelings created by the circumstances of the outside world we live in. 



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Be A Blog Beast by Robert Dorsey


How to be a blog beast with Empower is as easy as click on the 'START' button. But before you will click on that 'START' button, an emotional battle will take place.

How do I know? I was there!

The first thing you will need to have is a vision. Not what do you want to do - but 'WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH'.

Then you need to have a vehicle to get you there. Most people have a vehicle to get from place to place, but ask yourself WHY do you need to go there.

Then once you have that vehicle, you need the gas to put in the tank.

The gas of your business is your 'DRIVE', or your 'WHY'.

Think about it, "What drives you to get up in the morning?" What is your purpose for doing what you do?

Then, and most importantly, you need to know that YOU CAN DO IT!

You can do it! You can do this! You can do anything you want to do, you just have to believe in yourself.

You just have to believe in yourself to the degree that you overcome your FEARS.


I believe in you and I believe you can do it.

This is Robert Dorsey and I can do it.

Say to yourself, "My name is ___________ . And I can do it".

So here is the bottom line:

Empower Network is your vehicle.... Your BLOG BEAST is your vehicle....

Blogging articles, audios, videos, pics is the gas for the tank....

Now you need to get in that vehicle ( BLOG BEAST ) and DRIVE to your destination.

What is your destination again? That is your VISION.



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